With only a couple of weeks until Woodcote, entries are rolling in fast. An interesting mix of machinery for the multi bike, mixed terrain event is being revealed in the process too, so we thought it was a good time to take a look into what people will be riding.

Unlike many events which cater to a particular style of bike and rider, CX Sportive actively encourages a mix of cycling types to take on it’s mixed surface course. The latest snapshot of entries shows, perhaps naturally, that versatility is highly favoured, with 48% of riders choosing a cyclo-cross steed, and another 37% opting for mountain bikes. In addition to that figure, a further 5% of mountain bikers have chosen the singlespeed way.  7% have gone for the “hard man” option of a (hopefully winterised!) road bike. MTB 29ers are a sound choice of bike for the job on paper, but make up just 3% of the entry so far, suggesting that the age of the 29 isn’t on us yet; will this be the year? That leaves a remaining 2% which is taken up by hybrids, and with a few adjustments, the latest generation of hybrids should be quite up  to the task.

The course itself is an intriguing mix of twisting back lanes of variable surface quality, unmade and semi-surfaced tracks and bridleways, and a peppering of singletrack and semi technical offroad. There’s some long and sharp Chilterns climbs to test your legs, and some fast. flowing stretches to loosen them off again.

So, however you look at it, it’s going to be interesting to see that mix of machines take to the course, and find out just how they perform. All comers are welcome, but which will yield the best performance for you?