Thanks to everyone who came out and rode at Woodcote yesterday – a fantastic turnout with 400 entries making it the biggest CX Sportive to date!

We’re looking back at a full year of CX Sportives now (and hopefully many more to come), and we really do think they’re shaping up into something special. When you’ve been running bike events us long as we have (20 years!), you might think you could possibly get a little jaded, but events like the CXs keep it all fresh. We’ve been consistently impressed by the attitudes and mix of riders taking part; young and old, and from all cycling’s ‘tribes’, friendly, positive, up for a good day and ready to take on any terrain on any machine, and to take the highs and lows of the ride in good humour.

And the range of bikes at events is a constant surprise too. Yesterday, we saw ‘old skool’ rigid MTB’s, alongside the latest ‘cross creations, hybrids with mudguards and (if I didn’t imagine it) a basket, and even a couple of unadjusted road bikes with skinny slicks, ridden by guys with the faint smirk of someone who knows they are doing something slightly foolish but just don’t care. Frame materials alone spotted crossing the start line yesterday included (I kid you not), steel, aluminium, carbon fibre, bamboo and wood. The upshot is something that feels like it has the spirit of events from 20 years ago. Fresh, exciting and a little adventurous, a lot of fun without pretensions. So thanks for riding, and for doing so with your heart and soul in the right place.

Anyway, enough rambling, you want to see your results, and you can find them here. There were quite a lot of route changes, and some that we have made judgement calls on based on times posted.  If anything looks out of place, drop us an email and we’ll put it right.