We are pleased to announce that Wiggle will be the title event sponsors for all official CX Sportive events in 2015. The newly named Wiggle CX Sportive Series starts in the New Year with the Wiggle Chilterns Wildwood CX on January 25th. The first CX Sportive event, introduced back in 2011, the Wildwood now becomes the first CX event to be held under the Wiggle banner, and is now open for booking at cxsportive.com.

We’re excited to work with Wiggle on our CX series. CX is is the fastest growing form in cycling, and is expanding beyond pure cyclocross racing into a broader style of cycling without boundaries. It’s a style of cycling we love, and we’ve been committed to building the CX ethos in our events for the last five years. So when Wiggle expressed their interest in working with us, we saw it as a fantastic opportunity. We think the CX movement is going to be the most exciting development in cycling for many years, and having a partner with Wiggle’s ability to spread that word will be a huge boost in bringing that excitement to riders everywhere.

As the largest cycling retailer in the country, for Wiggle to identify CX as the next growth area confirms our belief in the format. We’re naturally pleased that they chose to approach us as pioneers of the format first, too. It’s a strong vote of confidence in the direction we’ve taken, and shows respect for the work we’ve put in over five years building CX Sportive. Those are great foundations for a really productive partnership. We’re looking forward to a season that puts CX Sportive, and CX riding in general, firmly on the cycling map!

For you as riders, this new partnership will only add to the events that you know and love. You’ll still find the same team organising and running the rides, with the same level of expertise and dedication, and the same friendly an inclusive atmosphere. But, with the addition of promotion and event support from Wiggle, we’re looking forward to making those events even better than ever for you. We hope to see you a Wiggle CX Sportive Series event very soon!




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