South Downs Sting CX 2015 Results & Photos

The Sting enjoyed the best ground conditions in it’s short history, and the tough course proved a hit with incoming riders at the finish! The beauty and variety of this South Downs circuit more than makes up for it’s testing nature, and in spite of a chilly wind towarss the finish, the day had much more of a feel of spring about it than winter, and that’s all the ingredients you need for a good March ride!


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Rider Photo Galleries

Photos by Rob Barker from the South Downs Sting on March 8th. These galleries are hosted on our Facebook page, although you don’t need a Facebook account to view them. If you are on Facebook though, please do like our page while you’re enjoying the photos!

We’ve tried as far as possible to put these in rider number order to help you find yourself, and any with no visible numbers are added later in the album. Please feel free to tag yourself or your friends, and share these photos on your timeline.

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