A Trail Break MTB Event

The Ridgeway Returns!

August 4th 2018

The Ridgeway 100 returns with a new out and back format, using the very best riding on the magnificent ridge! Starting and finishing in the same place, with no return transport needed, the Ridgeway 100 2018 is going to be bigger, better and more accessible to everybody!

Ride 100k on the Ridgeway in a day!

The Ridgeway is Europe’s oldest continually used highway. Dating back thousands of years, this was a prehistorically important route, with many ancient landmarks along it’s length, and ending at the magnificent stone circles of Avebury (which predates Stonehenge by some 700 years!)

Today, the Ridgeway remains a popular recreational route, and a fantastic long distance MTB trail! Faster paced and less extreme than the South Downs Way, the Ridgeway never the less gives you plenty to get your teeth into. The route keeps you high up and offers continuous sweeping views, with just enough dips and diversions along the ridge to keep your climbing / descending muscles ticking over! The surface only occasionally gets semi-technical, leaving you with 100km of very rideable trail to enjoy! It’s a ride that invites you to open up your engines, and test how long you can keep them running!

And we make sure that all you have to think about is riding. The Trail Break Team have over 20 years experience running long distance MTB challenges, and detailed knowledge of the Ridgeway itself. The Ridgeway 100 Century to the Stones is fully supported, from route marking to multiple feed and support stops, so all you have to do is concentrate on taking on this epic ride!

Rider Times 2017

Here are the rider times from the tough 2017Ridgeway 100

Event results (click to open/close)
Name Category Bike Ride Time
Russell Alexander M18-39 MTB 06:56:54
Stuart Anderson M50+ MTB 07:00:34
Daniel Atkins M18-39 CX 05:33:43
Robert Atkins M50+ MTB 06:55:54
Richard Baker M50+ MTB 06:04:12
Andrew Barber M50+ MTB 06:45:08
Ben Beachell M40-49 CX 05:47:28
Paul Beasley M40-49 MTB 06:56:07
Alex Bezer M40-49 MTB 06:42:29
David Allan Biddlecombe M50+ CX 06:28:16
Mikolaj Biernacki M18-39 CX 05:21:55
Paul Bishop M50+ CX 07:03:40
Tom Blatchford M18-39 MTB 06:42:31
Philip Boreham M50+ CX 06:28:20
Matt Bowley M40-49 MTB 06:50:38
Lee Boyd M40-49 MTB 07:08:35
Chris Brown M40-49 CX 06:42:35
Andrew Bunting M50+ MTB 07:28:20
Joanna Carritt F40-49 CX 06:14:06
Marc Cashmore M40-49 CX 06:36:09
Sebastian Charlesworth M18-39 CX 05:33:43
Harry Cooper M40-49 MTB 06:46:49
Lee Cozens M18-39 CX 06:39:59
Stephen Cripps M40-49 MTB 05:58:15
David Crook M50+ MTB 07:18:51
Andy Darke M50+ MTB 07:28:09
Alex Devries M18-39 MTB 07:00:21
Steve Dunton M50+ MTB 05:14:07
Bill Edwards M50+ CX 07:08:41
John Fairhurst M40-49 CX 05:59:46
Sean Fitzgerald M50+ CX 05:05:32
Billy Fountain M18-39 MTB 06:33:58
Jon Fox M50+ CX 06:42:27
David Fudge M50+ MTB 08:26:30
Lydia Gould F50+ MTB 06:04:16
Paul Greenway M40-49 CX 06:02:28
Vic Gregory M50+ CX 04:56:39
Alexander Harrison M18-39 MTB 06:51:19
Jonathan Harrison M50+ MTB 06:51:16
Allan Hey M50+ MTB 06:07:55
Matthew Hobbs M40-49 MTB 07:27:29
Tony Hopper M50+ CX 07:04:07
Phil Hughes M50+ MTB 06:47:21
Richard Jennings M18-39 CX 05:33:40
David Johnson M50+ MTB 05:45:46
Michaela Lamb F18-39 CX 06:58:36
Simon Lovett M18-39 MTB 06:56:41
Sean Macconnamara M40-49 MTB 04:48:41
Cj Maycock M18-39 CX 04:25:09
Robert Mcallister M18-39 MTB 05:23:58
Dan Murtagh M18-39 CX 06:59:14
Kenneth Owen 50+ CX 06:30:49
Stephen Parkins Knight M40-49 MTB 06:29:03
Melanie Partner F40-49 MTB 06:34:06
Jon Peall M18-39 CX 04:53:57
Ian Perkins M50+ MTB 05:53:53
Leigh Perring M40-49 MTB 06:56:28
Edgar Rayner M50+ MTB 07:27:28
Peter Russell M40-49 MTB 06:57:04
Harry Sherrard M50+ MTB 06:59:07
Lorraine Sherrard F40-49 MTB 06:06:05
Rob Shuker M50+ MTB 05:49:20
Chris Smith M50+ MTB 06:51:47
Jonathan Smith M18-39 MTB 05:01:02
Paul Smith M40-49 CX 05:55:52
Steve Smith M40-49 MTB 06:51:56
Joanne Staton F40-49 MTB 05:56:24
Craig Stocker M50+ MTB 07:08:22
Richard Turner M40-49 CX 06:07:36
Andrei Vatavu M18-39 MTB 08:11:30
Russell Wells M40-49 MTB 06:50:41
Craig White M40-49 CX 05:59:52
Alex Woollen M18-39 CX 06:57:18

The Kilometre Century (plus seven): 107km

The Century to the Stones is a classic kilometre century; 107km and 1,361 metres of climbing in a single day, 85% off road on the historic Rideway.  Thre trail keeps you high on on the ridge for most of it’s length, giving you fantastic views to enjoy as the miles unfold. Mostly off road, the Ridgeway is ideal riding for fast MTBs, 29ers and even gravel/CX bikes. This is fast paced endurance off road, through one of the worlds great historic landscapes! A truly stunning summer ride!

100 kilometres


107km (66miles)


Start Location

Chilton, Oxfordshire


Start Time



Finish Location

Chilton, Oxfordshire


Finish Time

Estimated 2:00pm – 4:30pm


Event Logistics


Go to the registration desk on your arrival, where your timing chip on an ankle strap and bike numberwill be available to collect. Next, get yourself ready to ride.

Cut off & bail out points

Your big target for Century to the Stones is to complete the challenge. This ride should be acheivable by most people within the time limits, however you will need to be aware of your pace, and listen to advice form our course marshals. There will be cut off times at the points on the route, after which riders may be transported forwards to catch up time or (if they have not yet reached the return point at Avebury) instructed to turn back early, at the event organisers discretion. In extreme circumstances, very slow riders who are far behind the event schedule may be refused further event support and required to make their own arrangements to complete or abandon the ride.

Friends and family support vehicles

A good number of riders will arrange for friends or family to support them along the route from their own vehicles, and to collect them at the end of the day. We welcome friends and family support vehicles on the event, however, we will need them to to observe our guidelines to help the event to run smoothly. We will provide details of recommended rendezvous points on the course, with suitable access and parking. There will also be certain roads on the course where we will ask vehicles not to attempt to access the course, due to road width or parking limitations. This information will be provided to you well in advance to allow you to plan.

On the ride

Once you’re ready to start, report to the start / finish area with your timing chip strapped to your ankle. Listen to the short briefing and set off as directed. As you go along the route, you will find bright orange signs and ribbons to follow. These should guide you around the whole route, but use a map or gps if you think you have strayed off course or have a problem with the route navigation. There will also be emergency contact numbers provided to you. Ride safely at all times, and remember that you are on public rights of way and roads. This is not a race, so please ride appropriately, and be friendly and polite to other trail users you meet. At the end of the ride, pass over the timing mat once again, and hand in your timing chip. For those interested in there ride time, these will be available on the computer screen at the finish.

Event support vehicles & mechanical assistance

Our support vehicles will be traveling along the route on the closest possible roads, and will be equipped to help with mechanical problems and basic first aid. However, please note that getting assistance to any point on the Ridgeway may involve considerable distances and can take a long time. Riders will be expected to carry basic tools and spares, and a small, basic first aid pack. Your first and best option is always to fix yourself if you can; if you can’t we’ll be there to help.