We’re delighted to announce our next two CX Sportive events!

Following an overwhelmingly positive resonse to our poll, our next event will be a summer Super CX from Barbury Castle (near Swindon) on June 26th, featuring 100km and 60km ride options. This is a superb location, with a network of Ridgeway trails, tracks, lanes and quiet roads perfectly suited to the CX format. The start/finish location is right up at the ancient Iron Age hill fort. If you’re looking for a shorter ride option on this day, 40 & 25km MTB Trail Rides will be available too, through our sister site trailbreak.co.uk.

After Barbury, the CX Sportives move on to Salisbury on November 20th. Starting from Salisbury Race Course, this excellent set of 80, 60 & 40k routes will criss-cross the valleys and drove roads south of Salisbury Plain to create a varied and challenging day in the saddle.

Both events are open for booking now, and we’re lining up more for next year already. We’ll be returning to Woodcote in January 2012, plus we’ll be adding more events for to follow. Stay posted!