It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and for those of you who have a partner who doesn’t share your love of bikes, this is the  time to earn all those brownie points you’ll need for your summer “weekend passes”. With that in mind, we’ve assembled these ten top tips for the cyclist looking to impress this  Valentines Day:



1: If you buy your bike a new present this week (saddle, wheels, pedals etc.) make sure that it is less shiny and less expensive than the gift you buy your significant other.

2: If you decide to fit in a sneaky training ride before your Valentines Day dinner date, remember to shower between the two.

3: When talking about “your bike”, be sure that people know this is not a slang term for your loved one.

4: Actually, try not to talk about your bike at all, (even if it is your real loved one).

5: Remember to say, “You look lovely, darling” – and try to make sure that you are not looking at your bike when when you do.

6: Do NOT treat your journey to the restaurant or theatre as a Strava segment.

7: This is a romantic occasion. Save some energy for the end of the evening. Falling stone asleep the minute your head hits the pillow because you were doing sprint threshold intervals on the ride home from work, is probably not acceptable.

8: Say it with flowers. Not with titanium bottle cage bolts.

9: If you’re assuming this advice is solely aimed at men, don’t. You lady cyclists can’t get away with this sort of behaviour either. Although having said that, actually you probably can.

10: At NO POINT during the evening should you be wearing a heart rate monitor.


And bonus tip no. 11: DO NOT download our “I Love My Bike More Than U” printable, home made Valentines card from this link. If you do, for God’s sake, DON’T use it!