Woodcote results and photography

Posted on January 31, 2011 by - News, Results

Thanks to everyone who came and rode at Woodcote yestersday. We had a great day in the winter sunshine, and we hope you did too!

Results and rider photos will both be available and online today; keep an eye out for updates here soon!

13 Responses to “Woodcote results and photography”

  1. jez cook on

    Congratulations on putting on a brilliant event.
    The course was perfect for the cross bike (even if I did wipe out on one of the loose and fast descents!).
    The organisation was great and so was the atmosphere.

    Are you going to do more of these?

  2. Mayo on

    I totally Agree, I was on a single speed road bike with CX tyres squeezed in. It was a fantastic event, great to get out on a mix of terrain, using MTB skills and road speed all in one event. Very well organised. You must put on more of these events. See you at the letcombe trail ride.

  3. John Savage on

    Really good event, I was on an mtb with pumped up tyres and loved it even though I couldn’t keep up with the cross bikes on the road, get some skinny tyes next time. Good organisation and well marked couse. Great day out.

  4. pete on

    i unfortunately knew nothing about this. I live locally and coincidentally cycled half the route on saturday, saw the signs and looked it up on t’web when I got home. If you do one next year I’m there.


  5. The Tortoise on

    Fantastic day out – thanks to all concerned, organisation & riders alike. A great concept for early season, great execution by an efficient team and what a fabulous route – we were probably never more than ~20km from HQ even on the long ride. As one of the more pedestrian riders, I reckoned I must have seen in excess of 25 punctures and 3 broken chains (not that I was counting) but I did wonder why this was. Are folks running on super-light tyres and getting caught out, or, blasting through the rough flinty bits without looking and getting sidewalls/snakebites, or was I just lucky? Similarly, this chain thing is now exercising me as it must put a real crimp on the day’s enjoyment, but I’ve never broken a chain (tempting fate now !) Am I just too weedy, or are the Chainistas trying to do a Schleck and cross from one side of the block to t’other in one revolution?

  6. John Rayner on

    Did this with several of my GS Henley team-mates. Used an old Trek 6500 SuperLight Race MTB with Continental City Contact Safety System commuter road tyres, 26 inch by 1.5 inch at 65 psi and no punctures. Great event, well organised and marked, as usual for SouthernSportive.com events and, even better, they remove all the signs after the event (unlike some sportive organisers). Got around the 60k in under 3 hours with no falls – not too bad for 61! Look forward to Great Western, Southern and Woodcote Sportives later in the year.
    John Rayner – Go Easy Veterans Group – Gruppo Sportivo, Henley-on-Thames.

  7. Richard on

    Wish I had known about this before today just read about it in a Cycle Events Organisation 2011 events guide i just picked up at USE. When is the next one?

  8. Paul on

    I travelled from central London to do the 80km event, riding to and from the train station at Reading. It was well worth the trip and the extra km’s riding! The event was fantastic with a great atmosphere and it was really cool to see the different variety of bikes tackling the course. I thought it was perfect terrain for my cyclocross bike. The organisation and pre-event information was very thorough. I would definitely do it again!

  9. Paul on

    Many thanks for organising a perfect event, see you agian next year – we need more of these so why wait until it’s cold, can we have a spring and summer one please!

  10. Martin Hayman on

    Great event, super signposting and general organization. My first offroad foray for several years, need more practice to match the pace of my peer John Rayner of GS Henley (#6, above). The last 30 km of the 80 was much harder than the first 50, though!

    Rode my all-rigid ‘street’ MTB with 50-mm Conti Top Contact tyres at about 45 psi — no chance of busting them! Too slick for the gloopy bits though.

  11. Rob Griffiths on

    Great route, fantastic to find new roads for the ‘cross bike within 30 mins of home (Henley).
    After your Science in Sport advertising and assuming you would provide some decent nutrition en route it was a bit of a let down on the (only) feed station to find your offering was either flapjack, kids sweets, or green bananas. A shame as I would have thought a professionally run event would have a better offering (rather than just selling the SIS products at the end of the ride). Otherwise an enjoyable ride.

  12. David Gardner on

    Agree with above comment, food was disgraceful. Parking at venue was poor – I imagine that the lcoals were pretty peeved. route was good, could have had more singletrack. 80 km route was tough, could have done with some “5km to go” signs at the end. I felt that the finsh was a let down. There does seem to be a trend of mini sportives run by yourselves, evans and wiggle which charge near Sportive Fees but do not provide the same qauliity experience – food, medal/certificate and event feel – as an example the suberb Anthony Maynard sportive has 3 brillant food stops and costs £20 this year (and raises money for charity). If SIS are gonig to ‘sponsor’ they should provide more than watere ddown energy drink (anyway I prefer Torq!)

  13. Floodie on

    Well done, great event, and I think you may be onto something with this concept: ‘cross is on the rise, and bringing a focus to winter training is really beneficial. This event really challenges you to think about your bike and tyre choice. I rode single-speed, and, but for a puncture, had a great experience. Looking forward to more of these events. I reckon you will outgrow this venue pretty soon through positive word of mouth; be warned!