Woodcote CX photography from SportCam

Posted on January 31, 2011 by - News, Results

Photos from yesterdays ride are all online now; SportCam took pictures of every competitor on the day – you can view and buy your images here.

Photos can be searched by rider number or by surname. If you need a reminder of your rider number, you can look it up here. (If you need a reminder of your surname, ask your mum!)

One Response to “Woodcote CX photography from SportCam”

  1. Kevin Gleeson on

    Thank you for putting on a great event on Sunday. Despite the cold it was a fantastic change from the usual club run. The course was well thought out and superbly marked, at no time was I in any doubt as to where I was going. In saying that I only clocked 43 miles so I may have missed a turn!
    I was very impressed with the cyclo cross riders going down hill off road. Is there a clause somewhere that says when on a cyclo cross bike you must leave the brain in neutral? Respect! Apart from the confusion of the start time I cannot find anything bad to say about the ride.
    See you next year:)