Salisbury Saxon Rider Times

Posted on November 21, 2011 by - News

Rider times for yesterdays Salisbury Saxon CX are now available as a pdf download. Time band targets and course distances are included at the end of the document.

Click here to download the file.

28 Responses to “Salisbury Saxon Rider Times”

  1. Rob Carter on

    Hi can someone pls correct my time – rider 19 – you have me down as a dnf – I finished at around 1pm. Many Thanks Rob Carter

  2. Mike Ward on

    Can I ask that you double check all the times of all the 80k “finishers”? A lot of them finished within 30 minutes of passing the checkpoint which I think would have been impossible if they had kept to the route.

  3. John Kelly on

    Hi folks, I’m just responding to Mike Wards comment. He is right; this is anomolous. However, after analysing everyone elses results (includings Mikes) the percentage split times are correct. i.e. it has taken about the same percentage of the overal time for all riders to get from check point to finish. I therfore suggest that the timer at the check point was wrong. I went through the check point in 2 hours 10 ish and not as it suggests 3 hours odd. I’m pretty certain I hit the route spot on and Ive logged it on my gps and can’t see that I was off course at all. As most of the other riders are in the same ball park; I’m opting for a checkpoint timing error rather than a route error. However, I’m open to other suggestions. Great course though! JK.

  4. John Kelly on

    sorry to harp on….. but it’s the same for the 60k’ers. About 35 minutes for the final 32k. Obviously, I know they’re good, but not that good! So it must be a check point issue rather than everyone going the wrong way.

  5. Chris Edwards on

    Sorry guys i,ve got to harp on aswell. You have me down as a DNF. I came in at about 13.45 putting me roughly around 4hr 45min. Also im down as an 18-39 (i wish) unfortunately im in the 50+ group. IWould be nice to see my name in lights or in silver mode with correct details as im pretty proud of what i achieved. It was a great course and a good day of fun. Good all the same. Thanks

  6. Steve Knott on

    Hi, if you are updating the result, my age category needs correcting to 50+ male, therefore a Bronze – whoopee!!

  7. Mike Ward on

    Sorry John but quite a percentage of 80k riders took approx 1hr 15 or thereabouts to complete the ride after the checkpoint which would be about right for 20k. The group I was with had a slow time due to four punctures and a split tyre and we think the time to the CP for us was about right.

  8. martin@cxsportive on

    Hi John – you could well be right on this. I’ll look into it and correct accordingly.

    Martin – CX Team

  9. martin@cxsportive on

    Thanks for the comments folks – I’ll go back through these and make any amendments.

    Martin – CX Team

  10. John Kelly on

    Hi Mike, no sorry to sound like a sore ass, but you are wrong there. To use your times as an example, you completed the first 46k in 4.49 (ok with punctures) which gives an average of 6minutes 34 secs for each K. Then after the check point your pace increased to 2 minutes and 21 seconds for each k (32 k in 1.15). So unless you consumed the mother of all power bars and increased you pace by 282% then I’m still going with a timing error at the check point. I’ve done this with a random selection of riders from both the 80 and 65 and this is the case. And if needs be we could up load the GPS data. Every rider that I have run the stats on shows about the same ‘improvement’ in pace.

  11. martin@cxsportive on

    @John Kelly
    Hi folks – there’s a very simple solution to this and it’s my mistake. The timing box we used at the checkpoint hadn’t been used since before the clocks changed, and it’s internal clock hadn’t been adjusted to compensate. So the times recorded at the checkpoints are all one hour later than they should be. My bad, so sorry for that. I’m in the process of correcting the results sheet and will notify here when I’ve uploaded it. I’ll include the other listings corrections mentioned above too.

    Martin – CX Team

  12. martin@cxsportive on

    OK, the file has been updated now with correctly adjusted checkpoint times. Alberto & Steve, I have updated your respective category listings. Rob & Chris, it appears that your timing chips didn’t fire at the finish, so I have credited you with the finish times you’ve quoted above to give you final ride time.

    Martin – CX Team

  13. Chris Edwards on

    Hi Martin
    Im still in the younger age group. I should be in the 50+ so on my reckoning i should be in the silver banding, just. like to see it tho.

  14. John Kelly on

    Hi Martin, I thought that might be the case, but provided my with an exercise in stats. I’ll use this data set (anom) for my research methods module next year. Just like to say again what a great course it was. Thanks,

  15. Roy on

    Excellent ride – thanks very much for organising!

    Would also like to give a big thanks to the guys who gave me a spare tube after my 2 reserves went pop!

  16. Julie Taylor on


    Could you please amend rider 160 to a 6h32m finish, I am down as a DNF. (Not that it makes much difference with that time!!)

  17. Robin on

    Well done guys – a great event. Signage was very good. More next year hopefully as It’s a great format. As for the timing issues, my watch worked well and seemed to agree with the chip technology.

  18. martin@cxsportive on

    Not at all Julie – it was tough day, and you deserve to be credited for finishing! I’ve updated that for you.

  19. Oscar Rutherford Steggall on

    Hi – My son (13) completed the 40k on Sunday and loved it – it was his first race and the experience was great. He finished the course at about the same time as his friend, Lee Deakin, but Oscar is listed as DNF – please could you correct this as he should have got the bronze. Thank you!

  20. David Angwin on

    Can you check your results, I’m not listed but I finished the 60k in 4:04 according to my GPS and the finish timer did beep as I crossed. Rider No 3. Really enjoyed the day, thanks!

  21. martin@cxsportive on

    Hi David. It looks like your timer didn’t fire at the start, but I’ve added you to the list with the time you’ve provided. Glad to hear you enjoyed the day!