Salisbury Saxon results and photos coming soon

Posted on November 21, 2011 by - News

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Salisbury Saxon CX yesterday! It was certainly tough day out in the fog and the mud, on what was already a pretty hard course, but from the response we got at the finish, it seems like everyone enjoyed the day (or at least, appreciated finishing!)

Results will be online later this afternoon, and we’ll have news of the photos from R&R Photos soon too.

So, that ends our first year of CX Sportive events. Thank you to everyone who’s ridden with us and enjoyed this new format. We’re back for more on January 29th at Woodcote, and we’ll have news of more CX events for 2012 in the next few weeks. We hope we’ll see you there; have a great Xmas and New Year in the meantime!

2 Responses to “Salisbury Saxon results and photos coming soon”

  1. Alberto Gomes on

    This was indeed a well organised and marked out event, but very tough for the unprepared like yours truly (although I still managed to finish the 65K before the cut off time).

    Expecting 80% of the event to be on tar and fast tracks, I left my road tyres on my mountain bike with pressures and seat height adjustment to suit road conditions. This coupled with the clipless pedals which soon proved useless in my case, as I spent 95% of the time riding unclipped for obvious reasons. What this resulted in however, was incorrect feet positioning, and by the end of the day, I had very sore knees indeed.

    I did adjust the tyre pressures and the seat height as I went along, which helped improve matters a bit, but I can’t help believing that if I was better prepared and had fitted my off road tyres and standard pedals from the outset, the fun factor would have definitely improved.

    200 metres into the event, and I realized that I’d made a mistake, but as the ever optimistic that I am, I thought that surely it couldn’t get any worse. How wrong I was…lol.

    At my age (50+ group), there were many occassions when I swore never again, thinking I’m to old for this, but the interesting thing though, as that I couldn’t help wondering what would it have been like if both the bike and I were better prepared for this type of event (I think the off road bug has bitten).

    Guess what, I’ll be back.